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Some Reviews from Our Many Satisfied Clients

Robyn H

My dog always leaves this place looking great and smelling good. The staff is really friendly and treats my pup with so much love. Will continue doing service here.

Terry D.

I was looking for a groomer for my dog who recently became blind. I used to take her to a bigger chain, but was concerned that they would not take the extra care necessary for her. I found Hugs N Pups, after looking at various places and was really impressed with what I read and saw. I'm glad I took her to them. They were fantastic and so friendly. They welcomed me and my dog, and took such great care of her. Cat, the lady who groomed my dog did such an amazing job! My dog was comfortable with her and that's rare. Usually she is very nervous. So for me, that's a good sign. I will be making Hugs N Pups our dog's groomer from now on. I highly recommend them to anyone! They are fantastic!My dog always leaves this place looking great and smelling good. The staff is really friendly and treats my pup with so much love. Will continue doing service here.

Tricia P.

I just cannot express how wonderful the staff is at Hugs 'N Pups!! I have a 23 year old Basenji/Mix and the staff is so amazing with him. They are so very gentle & take such good care of him, as he's going blind, and not quite sure where he is when we go for a nail trim. The entire facility is beautiful & the indoor & outdoor play areas are simply darling. They offer day-time boarding, and it seems that each time I go in, there are staff members playing with the dogs. The grooming area is so clean & the employees remember your name & your pet's name(s) each visit. Would trust my beloved pets with Hugs 'n Pups without any hesitation at all!! The best Grooming Salon in Phoenix & I would imagine the best Day-Care in Phoenix, as well!! 
Buddy, Joey & Gertie & Momma!!​

Hillary T.

Thank you for all your love & care for Sophie! Affectionately.
Deborah O.

Not so with Hug N Pups. I always try to schedule her grooming with Linda but on those days when Linda is booked, Nellie still always comes home looking so cute, neat, clean ... and happy (did I mention that's the most important quality in a grooming salon?!) I couldn't be happier (or more relieved) that i've found a grooming salon that takes the time to find out your special requirements and then follows through. Couldn't be more pleased!

Emily A.

They are always great with my dog. He's super scared to have his nails trimmed but they always do a good job and chino likes the staff!
Michelle C.

We have had our dogs groomed by Linda and her staff for several years and they are always courteous and friendly. This week two of our dogs got to attend the Hug N Pups Day Care for the first time. They had a terrific time and when we picked them up yesterday after a day of play and a shampoo - they looked like little movie stars !!

Cara B.

I drive past several groomers to take my girls to Hugs and Pugs. I have a mini pin and a chihuahua, both small and timid creatures. But like most pet owners, my dogs are my kids and I love them. So getting them good service, where they are comfortable is extremely important to me. 

My girls only need baths and nail clippings as they both have really short hair. The staff at H&P has always been very friendly and helpful and I feel comfortable here.

We go in about once every 2 to 3 months. I can give them baths but when it comes to clipping the nails, I draw the line. I just can't seem to do it. So I take them to H&P!​

Gisselle M.

The owner reached out to me and apologize. The groomer who was not treating the large dog inappropriately reached out to me and apologized for her behavior as well. This made me feel that the employees are aware that the customers opinions matters and are willing to work on their service to keep them happy. 

My previous review:
"My last visit here was not so pleasant. I enjoyed taking my dog here initially, but the last time I went, I got a bad feeling at drop off and pick up. First, I was rudely told I was an hour late by one of the groomers. After investigating, the gentleman at the desk told the groomer who said I was late that in the book, the time was different (meaning I was correct and on time). I did not receive an apology from the groomer for her rudeness. 
When I went to go pick up my dog, one of the groomers (there were only 2) was grooming a large dog. He kept barking and the woman kept getting visibly angry with the dog, yelling at him to stop. The reason he was barking is because they had a small dog just wandering around back there with them, and many people coming in and out the door. There was no separation between the groomers and the incoming customers. Although this was not my dog, I did not like the treatment I witnessed. I am not sure what happened to their once great customer service but I will not be returning. "​
Hello. I wanted to let you know that Kat 
did an excellent job on my little shitzu today. I feel very comfortable taking my dog to hugs n pups. They treat her with lots of love and that is very important to me.
Thank you.

I saw reviews online w YELP that highly recommended your services.  Everyone was very professional and friendly.
Thank you!

Brandon R.

Pet Grooming Salon & Day Care
“Done with Lots of Love & Hugs”